Hello everyone.

I’m setting this page up for our campaign, the working title of which is “The Tauren Wave.” As we begin to play, the name will likely change.

The players come from two groups of my friends. From my gaming group in Iqaluit there will be Gaelan & Sarah, Kakki, Nick and Sean. Kakki lives in Iqaluit still, but makes occasional trips to Ottawa. If our schedules can intersect his character will join as a guest appearance.

I can’t afford to set up an Ascendant Account yet, which means I can’t set up the Forum, and some other features are unavailable to me. Once have an income and can afford an Ascendent Account, I’ll set those parts in motion.

I need to know what characters everyone wants to play, so I can design plotlines that have opportunities to put your characters’ skills and abilities to use.

What I know so far:

Gaelan will play: Bjarni Urrison – A Bearman Longbowman.

Sarah will play: A female, gnome thief. Name to be announced.

Sean will play: Bite Bite – A Wolven Mercenary.

Kakki will play: A Gnome Merchant. Name to be verified.

Nick will play: An Elven Wizard. Name to be verified.

The Tauren Wave

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